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CA-502 x UC-36

For single and multi-layer welding of mild and 490N/mm2 class high tensile strength steel

A5.17 F7A(P)0-EH14
B ISO 14171 S49A(P) 2 AR SU41
Z 3183 S502-H
ISO 14171-A S 42 0 AR S4
ISO 14171-B S49A(P) 2 AR SU41
Applications CA-502×UC-36 is well suited for super-high speed welding in plate of thin and medium
thickness, as an example, miniature LPG tank and spiral pipe.
It is also applicable to fillet welding and butt welding in flat position of ships, machine, vehicles,
pressure vessels, bridges and general steel structures.
Characteristics (1) It is comparatively in insensitive to rust, scales, oil and primers on the surface to be welded.

(2) As the consumption of flux is small, it is very economical.

(3) Applicable to both AC and DC(+).
Notes on usage (1) Store the flux at the plate of moisture free and dry the flux at 250~350℃ for about one
hour before use.

(2) Remove rust, scales, oil, paint, water, dirt and slag of tack welds from the groove in order
to get sound welds.

(3) When the flux height is excessive, poor bead appearance may occur.
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