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For mild steel and 50kgf/mm2 class high tensile strength steel

A5.18 ER70S-6
D 7025 YGW12
Z 3312 YGW12
ISO 14341-A G 42 A 3 C1[M21] Z
ISO 14341-B G 49 A 3 C1[M21] S12
Applications Butt and fillet MAG welding of structures such as automobiles, vehicles, electric appliances,
ships, steel frames, bridges in all position.
Characteristics (1) MC-50T is a solid wire whose arc stability is good at low current ranges (short-circuiting
arc range) and spatter loss is low.

(2) It is suitable for all-position welding of steel sheets by CO2 or Ar+CO2mixturd gas shielding,
for higher speed welding.

(3) The arc stability is good in wide range of current.
Notes on usage (1) Flow rate of shielding gas (CO2) should be 20ℓ/min generally.

(2) Flow rate of shielding gas should be 25~30ℓ/min under the condition of 2m/sec wind
speed and use wind screen under the condition of over 2m/sec wind speed.

(3) Keep the distance between tip and basemetal within 10~20mm at less than 300A Welding
current and within 20~25mm at over 300A.
Shielding Gas 100%CO2
Certification ABS pdf download3SA/3YSA BV pdf downloadSA3YM
CCS - CWB pdf downloadB-G 49A 3 C1 S6
DNV pdf downloadⅢYMS GL -
JIS pdf downloadZ 3312 YGW12 KR pdf download3YSG(C)
KS - LR pdf download3YS, H15
NK pdf downloadKSW53G(C) RINA -
MSDS pdf download Handbook pdf download
DOP Attachment pdf download
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