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CA-508 x UC-36

For multi-layer welding of aluminum-killed steel for low temperature service

A5.17 F7A(P)8-EH14
B ISO 14171 S49A(P) 6 FB SU41
Z 3183 S502-H
ISO 14171-A S 42 6 FB S4
ISO 14171-B S49A(P) 6 FB SU41
Applications Butt welding of aluminum-killed steel for low temperature service used in offshore structures,
steel pipes, chemical vessels, low temperature service equipment, and other structures for
cold regions.
Characteristics (1) Excellent notch toughness at low temperature down to -60℃.

(2) Crack resistibility, pockmark and porosity resistibility are excellent.

(3) Slag detachability and bead appearance are very good.

(4) Suitable for multi-layer welding of TMCP steel.

(5) Applicable to both AC and DC(+).
Notes on usage (1) Store the flux at the place of moisture free and dry the flux at 250~350℃ for about one
hour before use.

(2) Remove rust, scales, oil, paint, water, dirt and slag of tack welds from the groove in order
to get sound welds.

(3) In case of multi-layer welding, use welding current and speed as low as possible at the
first layer of groove to avoid cracking.

(4) The use of the flux which has been re-used for welding in many times may cause deterioration
of its usability. Therefore, the unused flux should be mixed properly with such used flux.
Shielding Gas -
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