ABOUT US. We will continue doing everything possible to create new future values in the welding material industry.
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CEO Message


This website is designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth review of our company.
Established in 1949, CHOSUN WELDING has grown into a leading welding material company specialized in providing excellent
quality products and services through continuous technology development and innovation for the last 70 years. As an industry
leader in the domestic welding material industry, we are committed to contributing to Korea’s industrial development and,
at the same time, are aggressively entering overseas markets to strengthen global competitiveness.

All executives and employees of CHOSUN WELDING, who value principles and are not afraid of changes, are making ceaseless
efforts to make our customers satisfied, strongly believing that customer satisfaction starts from excellent quality products and
services. We will continue to focus on new product development and quality innovation, through training talented people,
introducing the latest research and production facilities and making bold investment in R&D.
At CHOSUN WELDING, all executives and employees will not settle for the present but seek to become an invisible helping hand
for you. We will always take the lead in transformation to shape a new future.

As you browse through this website, I sincerely thank all of you for supporting and loving us, and ask for your encouragement.